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There’s a story I’ve told a gazillion times, but somehow it seems appropriate for the first entry of my new blog.

I’m calling the blog new because first of all this is a new time.  In spite of the blah blah blah in congress, I’m willing to believe that the Great Recession is behind us.  It feels like it to me, and that keeps me looking forward.  Secondly, our website is newly reconstructed, the blog is newly interactive, and even the fact that I can make entries myself feels new.  (You can see by the dates it has been awhile since I have been able to write blog posts).  Lastly, I’m calling it new because of  my new commitment to this blogging adventure.  I am a woodworker-turned-head-of-company, and only pretending to be a writer, but here I go…

The story of my life is this: it’s been a downward spiral from the beginning.  I started out in my teen age years as a classical guitarist, and I was totally into it.  I practiced X number of hours a day, and my idols were Segovia and Parkening.  You can’t get much more ambitious than that.  So what happened?  While I loved the music, I was not a great performer, and while in college, I switched my major to art.  At that time, a friend I had met at guitar workshops started building guitars, and had a shop nearby.  That was my first exposure to woodworking.  By the time I left school, I really wanted to be a guitar maker… oooo… step one.

While trying to get an apprenticeship with a great Portland luthier, I was offered a job at a custom furniture shop down the street, and given my art background, it didn’t take long for me to discover how much I loved being a furniture designer/builder… step two.

Step three, four, five… as I grew up, had a family, and needed to earn a real living, I became a cabinet maker, a commercial wood worker, and OMG a carpenter.  I was pretty sure that my next move ought to be concrete forming, but instead I went all the way down.  I became a businessman.

Back to seriousness, though, running a business presents a whole new set of challenges for a person who is more naturally an artist and craftsman.  I am turning my creativity toward building a company… definitely not getting bored.

Welcome to my blog! I intend to write about what’s going on with our company, new work, design, woodworking, doing what you love, and other stuff like that.  If you come back you’ll hear more from me, and while you’re here check out the portfolio, and the new products section.

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