Cascadian Plaza Lobby: old work you’ve never seen Dept.


Sitting in Starbucks at a little white quartz pod, venti mocha with an extra shot of espresso.  The gas fireplace is close enough to ward off the cool breeze that puffs through every time someone walks in.  When I try to write at the office, it never works. The phone, the email, questions from the shop, and OMG the to do list.  If I don’t go somewhere and put on blinders, it will never happen.  Every Tuesday morning I write for 3 hours, and this is a good spot to do it, especially given the easy access to caffeination. The rest of the week the question lingers in the back of my mind: what will I write next?  I know I have a lot to say, but I’m afraid of using it up too fast.  I feel like a song writer recording my first album.  They say you have your whole life up to that point to write first one.  The second one is the real test of whether you’ve got it in you or not.  So that backlog of subjects I’ve been ruminating about for so long… I’m going to string it out as long as I can.  That’s why I like this subject: “old work you’ve never seen”.  Just pick a good picture and tell about it. I’ve been doing this work for so long that there is plenty to choose from, and I like to think the work speaks for itself.

This is the lobby of  Cascadian Plaza Condominiums, In the Lloyd district.  Designer: Jeff Lamb, Photographer: Todd Fleming.  The paneling is maple (in a clear finish and with a brown stain), and the other elements include cast concrete, cast glass, and tile. This piece is a jigsaw puzzle of rectangular and ell shapes that you can see here if you look closely.  Jeff created the composition of shapes, and it fell to us to use the color, direction, and texture of the grain to create the subtle combination of blend and contrast that makes it work.  This work is a definite departure from the modern tradition of wood paneling that consists of matched cathedral panels set in a continuous rhythm of book-matched flitches.  If you have no idea what I said in that last sentence, stay tuned and I’ll explain it in a blog post… coming up on a Tuesday soon.


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