Lookin’ for a come up? This is…awesome!

In this space, designed by architect Jeff Lamb, we built 2 pieces: the wood and glass shelving over the fireplace, and the piece that defines dining room by overhanging the table. In the fireplace shelving unit there is a pull-out flat screen that you can’t see in this picture. The wood is jatoba, and the two colors are achieved with stain and a clear finish.“Someone is going to love this”, he said, thinking positively.

If you have been to my site before, if you have spent any time looking through the portfolio or slide show, or if you have been in our actual showroom, you have probably seen these two pieces.  They have been featured prominently because they are some of my most iconic work, and beautifully photographed by Richard Strode.  Built in 2004, and featured in Western Interiors magazine (Sept 2006) they represent 2 of 8 pieces that we did for Mark and Leanne Lerner (Mark’s recommendation).  The project was a condo build-out in the Pearl district  in collaboration with architect/designer Jeff Lamb, and one of a few that Jeff and I teamed up on.

The cool thing is that these 2 pieces are sitting in my shop and available for sale.  The current owner of the unit decided to remodel and contacted me to see if I wanted to save them from the recycle bin. We went in and carefully dismantled and hauled them away.  They are in pretty nice condition.  My intention is to sell them for $3000 each (plus whatever it takes in consultation or labor to get them installed in your residence).  The original price tag for each of them was in the $12-15k range.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but someone out there is going to have the right space and style, and love this offer.

Both pieces are made of jetoba (AKA Brazilian cherry), the lighter wood has a clear finish, and the darker wood, a deep stain.  The dining room piece (left) represents a unique concept, perfect for a small living space.  The intention, as conceived by the Master (Jeff) is to define the dining room without creating any barriers or using up any actual space.  The dark column in the middle covers a structural building column, but could be modified to be a cabinet if your space doesn’t have a column to cover.  The bed headboard (right) is a cool piece with angles, hidden drawers, and a back lit panel of opalescent glass.  Both pieces are architectural (must be connected to the walls and ceiling), and come with some of the lighting included.

If you are that special someone, I’d love to hear from you.
This headboard has a back-lighted glass panel, and the box under the ell-shaped night stand is a drawer, designed by architect Jeff Lamb

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