The Queen ventures out without an Entourage, Part 1

6-2I have an amazing story to tell about the Queen En table.  It’s a tale that hasn’t yet come to it’s real time ending, but since I am going to take more than one blog entry to tell it, we’ll see how the plot develops.  This piece was literally a decade long project from the first sketch to the first showing, and it went through phases that reflected the economy, my personal life, and my development as an artist.  Both of my daughters were young ballerinas and needless to say I spent many parental hours hanging around the studio… enough said.  The idea of rendering a cabriole leg in human form is not new.  In fact, in some ways I felt it was such a cliche I should just forget it, but that was not to be.  I just knew that to pull it off, it would have to be over the top in form and craftsmanship.

Parenthood is one of the themes that carries through this story, because as a parent being a starving artist is not an option.  The focus on building my company made this piece a mere hobby.  In fact it was during the economic down turns that the most work got done.  During one low period when there was no paying work going on in the shop, Ron came in anyway and worked on it just out of devotion.  But the piece also languished for a while because I didn’t like it.  The problem with wood working is that you can’t just break out the eraser and start over.  From the start this piece was an exploration of  form and concept, and when it didn’t work, it just sat there.  Then one day I got a new vision for it, and with a bit of cut and paste managed to move it forward.  In the end it was an opportunity to show it that kicked the finishing of it into full gear.

back-foot-in-focusSince the opening of our new showroom the piece has lived in the space, covered by a blanket (mostly to protect it from UV exposure) and is brought out whenever the occasion warrants, which brings the story into the here and now.  A couple of weeks ago the showroom was broken into, and this piece was taken.  She has found her way back, a little battered, but still en pointe.  How that came about will be the content of: The Queen ventures out without an Entourage, Part 2.  Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “The Queen ventures out without an Entourage, Part 1”

  1. Ron says:

    Nice. Till next Tuesday.

  2. Bryan McKinnon says:

    Very nice work Mark and Ron. Good to have been a very small part of your team for a while.

  3. Mark, thank you for showing us further insight into your life. I have posted a link to your story on Linked-in and Facebook because I know you work with purpose and passion. I didn’t know you also wrote! This is an interesting story and I look forward to learning about another facet of your skills and life experiences. I also want to see this table, which has fantastic legs!

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