… and where does collaboration get you?

Interior designer Faith Cosgrove and I have collaborated before, and we will likely do it again.  She came to me recently with a unique challenge.  Her clients have young kids, a 4 year old and a 1 year old.  The problem that faced them as they planned to remodel the kids bathroom was clear.  It would […]

Confessions of a closet perfectionist

One of our Company mottos is: We only do good work.  Tricky spin master that I am, I have always preached the dual meaning of this phrase… but only to my employees.  To the world, it was intended to say we hold to a high standard, but to the company it also says, we are […]

Jillian’s Island: The care and feeding of a butcher block top

We just recently delivered this sweet little piece to Jillian who lives in a studio loft.  It rolls into place to augment her food preparation space, then rolls into the corner to leave the room more spacious.  I am totally in love with her because while she is not a high income client, she so […]

The Queen ventures out without an Entourage, Part 1

I have an amazing story to tell about the Queen En table.  It’s a tale that hasn’t yet come to it’s real time ending, but since I am going to take more than one blog entry to tell it, we’ll see how the plot develops.  This piece was literally a decade long project from the first […]

Cascadian Plaza Lobby: old work you’ve never seen Dept.

Sitting in Starbucks at a little white quartz pod, venti mocha with an extra shot of espresso.  The gas fireplace is close enough to ward off the cool breeze that puffs through every time someone walks in.  When I try to write at the office, it never works. The phone, the email, questions from the […]

Lookin’ for a come up? This is…awesome!

“Someone is going to love this”, he said, thinking positively. If you have been to my site before, if you have spent any time looking through the portfolio or slide show, or if you have been in our actual showroom, you have probably seen these two pieces.  They have been featured prominently because they are […]

What do you get when you mix furniture making and boat building with mass transit?

This car was built by Gales Creek enterprises in the late 1980s.   I was working as the main guy in the shop, I believe my title was production manager.  There are so many stories I could tell about the cars, the company, the work, and the politics and history of mass transit, but I’ll […]

New Work: 400 SW 6th

The 400 Building in downtown Portland recently did a face lift in the main floor lobby, and elevators, and we had the honor of building the focal pieces, the concierge desk and wall/ceiling paneling.  The general contractor team was Thom Maki and Carlos Montero of Fortis construction and the architect team was Scott Brown, Brian […]

Welcome to my new blog

There’s a story I’ve told a gazillion times, but somehow it seems appropriate for the first entry of my new blog. I’m calling the blog new because first of all this is a new time.  In spite of the blah blah blah in congress, I’m willing to believe that the Great Recession is behind us.  […]

New Showroom Open

For those of you who drive by our shop on SE MLK Blvd for the evening commute, it has been a waiting game to see us building our new showroom. The space went from empty to paper covered windows. and now is open by appointment.  Kitchen designer William Roy has moved from his showroom in […]


We are Hiring!  We intend to fill an opening for an experienced installation carpenter.  Please send your resume to mark@marknewman.com.  Interviews will be on Monday June 12th.

The Flat One

The Flat One™ is the only entertainment home center as flat as your flat screen TV.                   If you are ready to step up from Made-in-china quality, but don’t necessarily want to hire someone to build a custom home theater for you this piece is perfect. Built […]

Coming Soon…

Big news: we are soon to announce a new product. I call it The Flat One, and I am going to leave you guessing as to what it is. I am just finishing the prototype this week, and next week we are going to produce a promotional video. Will share it all as soon as […]

The Rolling Hills Bar

Here is what the client had to say about it in a referral request: I have known Mark for many years and his work is masterful and impeccable. I live in the Los Angeles area and Mark (as you know) is in Portland. We had him design and build some major architectural woodworking for our […]

New Work

Among other projects, we are currently working on this architectural piece for a client in Rolling Hills California.  It consists of a bar that turns into an entertainment center, and in the opposite corner, a library that turns into a fireplace (not shown).  With Three seating areas, one around the TV, one around the fire, […]