The Wine Table

This fun piece is based on the pinwheel motif (a term first applied to architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright), and is the result of a design collaboration between myself and architect Jeff Lamb.  it started out as a coffee table… But we ended up calling it the wine table because the black cube unfolds to […]

Studio Renovation

Here is our new space under construction. We haven’t moved, but we now have possession of the 500′ of storefront adjacent to the 250′ that was our office. The plan is to put the office in the back corner and turn the rest of it into showroom space. William Roy, whom many of you know […]

Governor’s Office Completed

The three pictures below show the results of our work in the Oregon State Capitol Governors office.  Read more about it in blog # 2 10/28/2009  

Presenting: Her Majesty, Queen En

The Queen En Table (Pronounced “on”as in “en pointe”) For me this piece breaks new ground. It’s not purely furniture, but it’s not quite sculpture. It’s not an antique reproduction, but you might think so if you don’t look closely enough. It is intended to be sexy, humorous, and thoroughly modern in its celebration of […]

Lake Oswego Arts Festival

You are invited to a champagne opening at the Lake Oswego festival of the arts Friday 6:00-7:30 Is it furniture? Is it sculpture? Maybe it’s antique reproduction… could it be fine art… does anybody really care what it is? One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to decide for yourself unless you come […]

The Jewelry Armoire

New work:  This fun little piece, made mostly by Ron and Ben, is of Birdseye Maple, Bubinga, and Ebony.  The drawers are lined with black felt, and have movable partitions for jewelry.  Amazingly, The client does not live locally, and we never met till they picked up the piece.  We traded sketches, photos of their […]

A Special Offer

I want to make you a special offer to get you to call me.  The early winter tends to be a slow time, and in this economy, who needs it, but before I tell you what the offer is, I need to clarify the company policy.  Buried three clicks deep on the “how to order” page is […]

State Capitol Repair

I want to tell you about a very exciting and prestigious piece of work we are currently doing.  We have been given the opportunity to restore the paneling in the governor’s office at the Oregonstate capital building after a fire.  All four walls of the room were paneled in walnut, work that was originally done by the WPA in the […]

New Website

Wow – the response to our new website has been just amazing. With our first Google campaign only a few weeks old, the stream of visitors to the site has multiplied, the number of people calling has increased, and we even have some new customers. I’m not the kind of person to claim victory before […]