We only do good work.

There are seven of us in the company.  You can meet each of us by checking out the Team Page and the Mark Newman page. We work in (and out of) our studio and shop on SE MLK in Portland, Oregon next to the Hawthorne bridge.

I like to call it the studio because this is where I do design work. The room is full of stuff we have made, and the walls are covered with wood samples, drawings and photographs. When you and I meet in this space to talk about the beautiful things we could make for you, we will sit across a walnut and oak desk with ebony inlays that I made many years ago. I had made three of them, and even though I couldn’t afford my own work, I decided to keep one.

The shop of course is full of stuff that we are still making; five-thousand square feet of machinery, tools, benches, and people making things. It smells like wood, and one wall is covered with mysterious jigs and patterns. You would have no idea what they’re for… unless you knew. It is an old-fashioned shop. There is no high tech equipment. The work we do is based on craftsmanship. A tool is just a tool; it’s what you do with it that counts.

Every one of us is here because we are passionate about making things we can be proud of.