Mark Newman

I have always loved making things. For me, the creative process has many facets. Sometimes it begins with a vision, and sometimes it begins with the search for a solution to a clients need, but either way, it ends in the real world, with materials that have been carefully worked, shaped, and polished into something beautiful.

I began my career as a furniture maker’s apprentice (after studying art at the University of Redlands), and continued to develop my design and woodworking skills as a studio artist, working alone, building custom furniture pieces and selling them through art galleries. For years, it seems, every project I took on was beyond my ability‚Ķ until I accomplished it.

After that, I did many things including cabinet making, finish carpentry, commercial fixtures and architectural work. I have designed and built pipe organs, pianos, and even wood body replicas of vintage trolley cars. I have also worked as an industrial designer.

In 1996 I founded WoodCraft Inc. (DBA Mark Newman Design in Wood). My goal was to build a company that embodied my values, and love of doing good work. Slowly I have come back to my roots, designing and building custom furniture. And now I am also mentoring the next generation of fine wood artists.