QET-without-background-for-webThe Queen En Table

For me this piece breaks new ground.  It’s not purely furniture, but it’s not quite sculpture.  It’s not an antique reproduction, but you might think so if you don’t look closely enough.  It’s sexy, humorous, and a thoroughly modern celebration of dance, but the form is rooted in furniture tradition and the finish is copied from an original Chippendale in the Winterthur Museum.  I love it when the casual observer perceives it as a traditional piece, and then suddenly realizes its real form.

The finish has 15 layers (7 different colored layers of stain alternating with 8 clear lacquer coats and 6 polishing operations).  The 24 karat gold on the table top is applied in the traditional water guild technique with rabbit skin glue over gesso and burnished with agate, while the pointe shoes are oil gilded and glazed with Japan colors in the deep folds.