The Customer Experience

When you ask me to design furniture or an architectural piece for you, we will work together to identify your needs and your style. My goal is always to create a piece that will live with you, not merely occupying your space.

For larger projects, we may meet in your home, but often for a single piece, we can work out the design using photographs and dimensions of the space provided by you, as well as your own ideas in sketches or clippings. Working this way can keep the design cost to a minimum.

When choosing a designer to work with, I believe, there are two important things to consider: do you like their work, and do you feel comfortable working with this person. Also keep in mind that I am a furniture designer and woodworker. My services are different from those you will get from an interior designer, who will be specifying the whole room or house, but may not have my skills in detailing the wood working, or designing a single piece. In many situations I work together with the interior designer or architect combining our different strengths to bring to your project the ultimate in vision and detail.

For most projects the design fee will be built into the cost of the piece. However, if you choose not to buy the piece after the designing is done, our policy is to bill for the design work. For larger design projects, I will give you a fixed-fee design proposal. Either way, after the design is complete, you will receive a drawing and a fixed price contract proposal, identifying the scope and design of the project.

When we sign the contract and put you on the calendar, we ask for a 25% deposit, and then another 25% when we have purchased the materials and are ready to begin the work. The balance will be due upon completion for smaller projects, and for larger projects we will do monthly progress billings based on the percent complete.

From design to contract and through completion, you can expect to experience the extraordinary.