elisabeth bed low resThe Elizabeth Bed

Relax… this environment of contemporary simplicity will have you going to bed early and taking afternoon naps just because you love to hang out.

From the vantage point of the bed you’ll enjoy the bureau, the warmth of the wood, the asymmetrical lines, but the real satisfaction comes when you open the drawer.  Is it the quiet glide of wood on wood, the sculptural interior that cradles the drawer and flexes with the movement of your hand, or the contents of the drawer that makes you feel sexy?





elisabeth-bureauThe Elizabeth Bureau


Technology and art… it’s hard to claim that you have invented a new old-world, hand-crafted, wood-on-wood drawer glide, but the truth is, no other system will allow the elements that have come together in this piece of furniture, the suspended drawers with no cabinet surrounding them, the deconstructionist pull that reveals the dovetail structure of the drawer box, and pulls asymmetrically from the front corner without binding, and the feeling of quality each time you open it