Our team of fine wood craftsmen

    • Ron Deschaine

      Started almost a decade ago as an apprentice, now he is the man in charge when it comes to production.

      “I love crafting a simple piece of wood into a timeless heirloom, taking pride in my attention to detail. I am a scrupulous perfectionist. My love of wood began in my childhood sport of skateboarding, and became my ultimate playground. I was enamored of the versatility and beauty of wood. Working at WoodCraft has allowed me to delve into many forms of woodworking, from pyramid boxes to non-orthogonal walls. Whether it’s building and orchestrating an architect’s plans or our own unique designs, I find great satisfaction in the art of wood.”

    • Paul Hooven

      Woodworker, colorist, printer

      “Tools, wood, and well designed pieces, these for me provide endless satisfaction, and aesthetic stimulation… oh yeah… and I love to hammer things.”

    • Todd Fifield

      Apprentice craftsman, remodeling, art student

      “What I love about being a woodworker is that a well built piece draws your hands… it wants to be touched. You can feel its beauty and purpose. You can see its story if you look close. Such a piece reminds you to slow down, to be careful and considerate. This is how we all want to work… it’s why I do it.”

    • Ben Kline

      Furniture builder, wood turning and carving, art student

      “The craft of woodworking for me is the connection of mind, body, the tool in your hand, and the natural beauty of the wood. The outcome is the reward to be enjoyed by me and shared with others.”

    • James Gudat

      Ten years as a cabinet maker, tattoo artist, art major

      “What can I say; Trees are an amazing source of inspiration. Woodworking for me is one of the most satisfying jobs… to be able to transform these beautiful materials into functional objects. It’s the synthesis of aesthetics and functionality. Weather it’s a sea kayak, banjo, or a table, it’s crafting these objects out of raw materials with your minds intention to give them a new life of beauty to endure yet another lifetime.”

    • Janelle Pederson

      Office manager (usually the first person you will meet when you call), legal services, Rock star (lead guitar and vocals)

      “I fell in love with Mark’s furniture when I gave my son and his bride a beautiful dining table for a wedding gift. I saw the craftsmanship and attention to detail, and it made me want to be a part of what goes on here. The musician in me loves working in an environment where creativity is central. I see my function as helping to make you comfortable with the process.”