The Flat One - The only home theater console as flat as your flat screen.


 Perfect for condo living... it's only 10" deep



Modern Bamboo


Traditional Walnut or Maple (choose from the menu)



The beauty of The Flat One is that it is more than just a uniquely shaped cabinet. It is a complete home theater system designed to make it easy for you to build your home theater without hiring a professional installer. Please read the FAQ below to learn how easy it is.

1. Q: How does The Flat One work?

A: The Flat One home theater system is a design solution that allows the cabinet to be as flat as the TV, a unique feature in the marketplace. The pivoting door controlled by hydraulic balancers, and soft-close hardware has your components strapped in with a seat-belt-like strap that makes it easy for you to install. The finishing touches on the system are the infra-red eye that allows your remotes to work even when the door is closed, the built-in power strip, the fan to keep your components cool, and Velcro to keep your cords in control as the door pivots.

2. Q: Does my TV sit on The Flat One, or hang on the wall?

A: It is your choice. You can hang it on the wall or use The Flat One as a stand. If choose to use The Flat One as a stand and the base of your TV is wider than the cabinet, you can pull the piece away from the wall and flush them up at the front. The tether is designed to allow the piece to be away from the wall yet securely attached to it. Hanging your TV on the wall means that you will either be looking at the wires hanging below it, or you will have to make holes in the wall to hide them.

3. Q: Do I need to connect The Flat One to a wall?

A: My lawyer says the answer is yes, and for sure it is safer to connect it to the wall, but the choice is yours, and here is what you need to know to make the decision: Because the piece is only 10” deep it is obviously not as stable on the floor as the typical 24’ deep cabinet. If you hang your TV on the wall and don’t overload the door, The Flat One will sit nicely with no problem. Large and heavy components (such as an amplifier) on the door it could make the piece off-balance when you bring the door down. This will not happen if you use the piece as a TV stand, because the weight of the TV sitting on top will counter balance the weight on the door projected forward. Of course if the TV is sitting on The Flat One directly, it may get top heavy, depending on how high and how heavy your TV is. You will know instantly when you set your TV on the piece if you are comfortable with its stability. If you are still not sure, just grab it at the top and wiggle gently also considering what it would do in an earthquake. If I have really frightened you now, please go on to read the next answer that tells how easy it is to tether the piece to the wall

4. Q: How do I connect The Flat One to the wall?

A: the flat one comes with a tether strap that makes connecting it to the wall as easy as it gets. Once you have decided where you want the piece to sit, just take a pencil and poke it through the slot to make a mark on the wall. You will attach the tether near the mark. It does not need to be precise. The Flat One comes with a very robust molly that drills its way through your wall and mounts firmly. You will need only a power screw driver. If you don’t hit a wall stud, you just screw the tether to the molly. If by chance you do hit a stud, you can pull the molly out and screw directly to the stud. The other end of the strap feeds through the slot and gets buckled into a clip mounted inside the cabinet. The tether has plenty of adjustability for the size of your TV base.

5. Q: How will The Flat One affect my components?

A: The Flat One is designed to protect your electronic equipment in a number of ways. The potential problems are 1) stability of the strapping system, 2) affects from motion of the door, 3) heat build-up, 4) basic function in the upright position, 5) flexing of the cords.

  1. The Flat One has a system of holes and pins similar to the shelf supports in an adjustable shelf cabinet. These supports do all the work of supporting your components against gravity when the door is in the upright position, which means that the strap itself need only be snug enough to keep the component close to the door. We suggest occasionally checking the snugness of the strap.
  2. The Flat One has two systems of motion control. The first is the tension adjustable hydraulic stays that balance the weight of your equipment, and the second is a soft-close piece that makes every landing a smooth one
  3. The built-in thermostatically controlled fan prevents heat build up in the unit. Seal at the door and the positioning of the air intake assures evacuation of the air at the top of the unit where it tends to collect.
  4. Most modern components can function just as well in the upright as the horizontal position. If you have an older DVD, we suggest pushing the play button to engage the disc before raising the door.
  5. The Flat one comes equipped with Velcro strips mounted in all the critical positions to ensure that the cords only flex in the part of the cord that is flexible.

6. Q: What are the dimensions of The Flat One?

A: 60” long x 28” high x 10-1/4” deep

7. Q: Is The Flat One available in custom sizes?

A: Yes. Call for a quote.

8. Q: In what materials and finishes is it available?

A: The modern version of The Flat One comes in natural and caramelized bamboo. The traditional version comes in walnut mahogany, and maple. The finish is clear catalyzed lacquer.

9. Q: Can I get The Flat One in a custom wood or finish?

A: Yes. Call for a quote.

10. Q: How long will my order take to fill?

A: The Flat One is custom built to order. We will ship within 2 weeks, and shipping will add another week.

11. Q: What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

A: If you return the piece to us in original condition, we will give you a full refund of the purchase price.

The Flat One from Mark Newman on Vimeo.